Comment-Threading Test on WordPress

Hey, there is a new feature from WordPress! A feature that I’ve been waiting for soo long. It’s sort of making nested-comment. Folks in WordPress named it “comment threading”. If you want to reply a comment from other, your comment will stick on his/her comment. So that the reader won’t need to scroll to know the flow of comments on your blog. It’s cool!

Okay, I understand if you’re getting confuse with my short-explanation. It’s better to continue to the example. I will try the comment threading on this post. You can freely add another comments here.

Ouch, I almost forgot! To enable this feature, go to Setting->Discussion section on your WordPress dashboard. Then set the “enable comment thread”. You can choose the depth-level. I choose three-level. Beside comment threading, we also can break our comments in pages and set the display-order of our comments.

Have a nice blogging experience!

Thanks a lot WordPress!

12 Replies to “Comment-Threading Test on WordPress”

    1. Second-level comment

      1. Third-level comment!

      2. Another third-level comment!!

    2. Another second-level comment!

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  2. wawww.. keren bgt fitur komennya.. thx 4 d info put.. 🙂

    1. yes.. it’s cool feature.

      1. I’m happy to share it.
        Sure it is a ROCKin’ feature!

  3. Is it only carbon copy ? Already saw the notwithstanding info on this locality

    1. It’s not a carbon copy. (atleast i never meant to be)

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