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Vigilance :: a New WordPress Theme

Tonight I was thrilled by the new WordPress theme, they (folks in WordPress team) named it Vigilance. Vigilance means “kewaspadaan” in Bahasa Indonesia.

It’s a nice G.R.E.A.T theme!

G.R.E.A.T works, folks!

I can set many things that other theme could not do. The three-type of sidebar, the widget, the background color, the text color, etc. And don’t forget to mention about the “alert box“!

Um.. I “smell” that furthermore, WP will pass on more amazing themes. So you better follow the news. Maybe there will be “the-right-ones” for you. Some-theme that you’ve been dream on lately.

Haha! That’s exactly what happen to me. This is my theme history :

  • Connections (This is my first theme. Lately I realize that too many person using this theme. So I changed it.)
  • Grid Focus (Last for just two hours! There’s something I don’t like from this theme.)
  • Cut Line (Last for almost three weeks. Read this one.)
  • Vigilance (my present theme. Magical things happen in this theme.)

Changing themes is time  consuming! That’s why i’ve made a mental commitment that i will not change this theme until three months ahead. So I can focus to writing, not changing themes. 😉


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