WordPress’s Server Breakdown! Goshdarnit!

This morning, at about 08.00 am, when i was refreshing my blog page, i got shocked by a message from WordPress that bump to my blog page. This is the shocking-message that i received:

"Goshdarnit!" mesage.

Thankfully it last only for several minutes. Less than five, if i’m not wrong. Folks in WordPress are know exactly how to saying an alert in a fun style, aren’t they? Hehe..

Anyway, if you curious with the meaning of “goshdarnit”, this is what i got from the urban dictionary :

A phrase uttered out of frustration, annoyance, or disapppoinment or whenever something bad happens.

WordPress’s server breakdown is a bad thing for sure. But when they able to say it in a style, it sure needs creatifity.

Are you really the ones who responsible to this crash, Matt? Hehe..

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  1. matt mullenweg 😀

    om mamat 😀

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